Plant Based Meals

Consuming more plant-based meals vastly increases your daily intake of mineral and vitamin rich fruits and vegetables, eases the demand for factory farming, and reduces damage caused to the environment.


100% Organic Cold Pressed Juice

Cold Pressed Juice has concentrated amounts of vitamins and minerals, which are quickly and easily absorbed by the body. We use a cold-pressed juicing method, which helps to retain the enzymes and nutrients for longer than regular juices, and extracts more nutrients from all the veggies.


Whole Food Smoothies

Our blended whole food smoothies allow you to more easily absorb and digest important nutrients. Daily detox is an important part of maintaining health, and our fiber rich smoothies play a key role in this process.


Plant Based Sweets and Snacks

Refined sugar and gluten free snacking made easy. Our nutritionally dense add on items are specifically crafted to insure that you are able to stay satisfied and on track in-between meals.



You Order

View our MENU from the page in the navigation bar above.  Simply add any items you want for the week to your cart and check out via the Cart.

We Prepare

After collecting all the weeks orders, we order supremely fresh & organic ingredients from our local vendors and prepare all meals and juices in ways that maximize nutrient intake.

Home/Office Delivery

On Tuesday morning, we leave the kitchen with your order prepared and packaged and deliver to you within a certain amount of time to ensure freshness and deliciousness.  


“The BEST!” So Delicious! HEALTHY! Everything unique and flavorful! We are “addicted”! Makes so many micronutrients and nutritional foods taste great! Lots of knowledge on what FUELS our bodies!”

“This service has made my life so much better!! I have been vegan for 6 years and always struggled to get vegan lunches packed to bring to work. Now, I get the most delicious, vegan meals, delivered to my office! Thank you for this fabulous highlight in my week!”

“Sprout Kitchen is AMAZING!” I am currently dealing with a health issue and Forrest knew exactly which foods to recommend. All of her dishes make you feel good and on track toward amazing health—and its affordable and delicious!”

About Our Founder

Chef Forrest Masters

Forrest’s plant based culinary career began as she worked with various health and wellness institutions in northeast Florida, including The Present Moment Cafe & Blue Plant Organic Co-op. She then went on to become the co-owner of  Du Jour Market, a vegetarian catering and farmers market business. 

Her true appreciation for the connection between food and wellbeing was realized when she became Head Chef of the Ann Wigmore Living Foods Lifestyle Institute, a world renowned wellness retreat concentrating on living foods for the detoxification of the body, mind, and spirit.

She has most recently consulted for several wellness organizations including acclaimed nutritionist and best selling author Kimberly Snyder’s Organic Café, Glow BIO in Los Angeles, CA.

Our Works .

Take a look at our instagram feed and see into the daily lives of our team as we highlight some of our favorite creations and enjoy the healthy lifestyle.

Meet Our Farmers/Suppliers

Frog Song Organics

Frog Song’s mission is to produce nutritious food for our community. We also aim to demonstrate that farming can be accomplished with the “triple bottom line” – with respect to our human, ecological and economic resources.

Veggie Confetti Farm

Veggie Confetti Farm is a state-of-the-art, hydroponic microgreen farm located in St. Augustine. We are completely self-contained and climate controlled allowing for the year-round production of our premium microgreens.

Albert's Organics

Founded in 1982, Albert’s Organics is the nation’s leading distributor of quality organically grown fresh produce and perishable items, including meat, dairy, soy products, juices/beverages, and much more.

World Centric Packaging

World Centric® envisions a thriving world and we exist to be of service to the planet and people. Our mission, vision, and values are to make a difference and create a more just and sustainable world.

Dog Day Gardens

At Dog Day Gardens, we grow organic vegetable seedlings, install edible gardens, build compost, craft organic drinking vinegars and teach Floridians how to grow their own food.

New Recipes

We don’t just focus on making healthy delicious food for you, we can also show you how to make some of our favorite meals at your own home.